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We provide support for ELVA-1 products preferably by request sent on email. Please read Memo below before contacting support team. The more info on your case you’ll send us, the faster and effective it will be resolved.

Support contacts

You are welcome to contact the ELVA-1 Support Team for technical information and assistance.

Email us for support issues: support@elva-1.com

Tel. +372-6888-905
(workdays 10.00 – 18.00 GMT+3)

ELVA support

If you are looking for manuals, сertificates and other documentation, please visit:
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Memo to customers contacting ELVA-1 support team

In case of a complete or partial communication failure, please perform the following checklist:

  1. Make a visual inspection of the radios for mechanical integrity of and between the transceiver and antenna, and check to be sure that the cable joints are reliable and no unauthorized objects are on the antennas. Remove dust or snow from antennas if necessary.
  2. Check the signal propagation line (LOS) to be sure that no obstacles like buildings, cranes, electric lines, trees have appeared in it or its vicinity. If necessary, remove the obstacle or change the radio position.
  3. Make sure of that the radio is receiving power from the power supply:
  • Measure voltage at radio end of power cable while PSU is on.
  • The power supply voltage should be between 36 and 60 VDC. If it is not, clear the fault of the power supply source or use a thicker gauge wire for a smaller voltage drop.
  1. Make sure of that the UTP and optical cables are transporting data to/from the radios.
  2. Connect RSL meter, and check the value. The RSL should correspond to the value given in the calculation for actual distance. If it does not, find and correct the cause.

Possible causes of low RSL reading:

  • Precipitation along the signal propagation line. Wait until the clear weather and repeat the measurements.
  • Obstacles on the signal propagation line. Remove them or change the position of the radio.
  • Alignment disturbance (could happen occasionally after very strong wind or because of ice buildup during winter). Re-align the antennas.
  • Transceiver failure.

If the radio still does not operate properly, measure and write down RSL, make WEB screenshots and copy last log files, then contact support team.

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