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MobiBridge-10G radio in a new task-oriented booklet

ELVA-1 presented a new task-oriented booklet about MobiBridge-10G radio

This new ELVA-1 booklet is intended for mass transit operators interested in ultra-fast 10 Gbps data offload from buses, trams, trains, etc. Currently their fleet uses many surveillance cameras, digital ticket machines and other devices and this data volume is usually 300-600 GB per vehicle per working day.

The task to offload such amount of data to operator’s network requires very fast wireless technologies. We tested ELVA-1 MobiBridge-10G with 600 GB data offload, and it takes only 10 minutes to complete.  Other technologies like 5G, Wi-Fi, and popular 60 GHz 1Gbps radios may require several hours to upload such volume of data.

Our MobiBridge-10G 10 Gbps full duplex radio allows a mass transit company to operate a fleet of vehicles without any downtime due to data offload. Data offload can take place either at the depot or at other parking locations. We are currently conducting a comparative experiment, where the same file is uploaded from the same points by our MobiBridge radio and a one of the popular on the market 60 GHz 1Gbps radio. We will post the video on YouTube to support this booklet with a convincing field experiment.

This Ultra-high Speed Data Offload for Mass Transit Fleet booklet is available on the web
sergbeMobiBridge-10G radio in a new task-oriented booklet

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