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10 Gbps 60 GHz V2N Connectivity for Your Transportation Projects

To ensure optimal performance of the MobiBridge radios, a comprehensive test was demonstrated to measure 10 Gbps 60 GHz V2N Connectivity.

ELVA-1 introduces a revolutionary approach to V2N (vehicle-to-network) high volume data transmission, leveraging robust 10Gbps MobiBridge radio technology across a whopping 10 gigabit channel. In the following demonstration video, an impressive 470GB file is seamlessly transferred from on board vehicle storage directly to its operator’s remote server in real time – highlighting exciting new possibilities for light rail transport systems, intercity buses and self driving cars when it comes to their transportation of security camera recordings, passenger films or route information alike.

The transportation industry requires data exchange between vehicles and operators to be completed in a rapid manner. This applies to light rail transport, intercity buses, autonomous cars – exchanging security camera recordings, passenger films or route details for self-driving automobiles as only some examples. To achieve the best possible transfer speed of 10 Gigabit per second it is not enough relying on radio connectivity: server hardware such as storage drives and network cards must also optimized; this can conveniently achieved through usage of Data Booster devices which compile information from cameras and sensors via standardised interfaces.

ELVA-1 provides an innovative solution for the transportation industry: Mobibridge radios, which offer fast and reliable wireless communication. Our revolutionary 60 GHz 10Gbps technology allows data to be transferred in a matter of seconds during short stops. Visit MobiBridge product page today to get more information on this breakthrough solution and contact us with any inquiries regarding testing your project.


sergbe10 Gbps 60 GHz V2N Connectivity for Your Transportation Projects

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