PPC-10G-HP 10Gbps Long Range

High Capacity Carrier Grade 70/80 GHz and 40.5-43.5 GHz Backhaul Radios

Operates at true 10 Gbps in E-band or 7 Gbps Q-band

PPC-10G-HP 10 Gigabit Ethernet radio with higher output power is intended to cover longer distance compare to standard PPC-10G model, primary at regions with rare rains. This include Arctic and desert areas of Middle East or similar regions. The confirmed operating distance at these regions is 15 km (9 mi) and could get even longer up to 20 km (~12 mi).

PPC-10G-HP model provides output power of 24.7 to 26.5 dBm and 3 dB noise figure to ensure high availability.

Main point-to-point applications of PPC-10G-HP link are 5G/4G/LTE+ backhaul, industry area networks, car-based TV studios which provides wireless 4K UHD video streaming to TV Center and temporary 10 Gbps connections at exhibitions and other high-traffic events.

ELVA-1 PPC-10G-HP is a fully-outdoor radio, designed for temperatures from  -50°C (-58°F) to +60°C (140°F), and humidity up to 100%. Delivery kit for each radio contains tuning panel to indicate RSL level for fast antenna alignment. Link installation can be done within a day.

The PPC-10G platform is based on state-of-the-art MMIC chips, which support Quadrature Amplitude Modulation in digital data radio communications. Using QAM 128, PPC-10G-HP requires only 2 GHz bandwidth at 70/80 GHz for 10Gpbs rate. For Q-band, ELVA-1 has pioneered the implementation of QAM 256 technology to achieve the best spectrum efficiency in the industry.

Visit online Link Budget Calculator to see availability of PPC-10G-HP link on your distance and at weather conditions of your region.


  • Ultra-long range modification of 10GE link
  • Frequency bands: 71-76/81-86 GHz
    or 40.5-43.5 GHz  
  • Up to 24 km (15 miles) at clear sky (no rain)
  • True 10Gbps Full Duplex Operation (E-band)
  • High output power: 26.5 dBm
  • Noise Figure: 3 dB
  • Encryption AES-128 optionally
  • SNMP v.1; v.2; SNMPv2-MIB; Enterprise-MIB; WEB; Telnet; CLI
  • Zabbix-based Network Management System
  • Hitless adaptive bandwidth
  • Support PoE
  • Easily installed, zero-footprint


  • Arctic or desert areas as best place to install

    High Power 10 Gbps link provides ultra-long distanse especially in regions with rare or no rain

  • Fiber extension

    Ultra-long wireless 10GE fiber extensions & backup or replacement, including traces over complex landscapes like river/lake and restricted areas for cable laying

  • 5G/4G

    Mobile infrastructure for today and “future proof” wireless backbones

  • Safe City

    Backbone connection of wide-band surveillance systems in the city, including video, audio and IoT sensors working for public safety

City-scale 10GE network with ELVA-1 radios

sergbePPC-10G-HP 10Gbps Long Range