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Free Test of PPC-10G-E-HP for 20 km World Record Distance

Is 20 km distance range for E-band radios real?
Yes! ELVA-1 invites telecom operators worldwide to establish World record 10 Gbps for 20 km!

We’ll provide PPC-10G-E-HP 10Gbps 70/80 GHz radio link for free public testing on operator’s network at the distance from 15 to 20 km (9 to 12 miles).

On the market, PPC-10G-E-HP 10 Gbps radios have reputation as millimeter-wave links with longest path range and greatest stability in inclement weather. These are the major advantage of PPC-10G-E-HP 10 Gbps radio over competitors. The 15 km distance world record was already established: Operators could check availability and data speed on a distance of up to 20 km for free now.

Testing for free means that we give you PPC-10G-E-HP link at the warehouse in Tallinn for period of 1-6 months. From the operator side, they install the link on a distance as long as possible with preferred range from 15 to 20 km (9 to 12 miles).

The trial should be public. The operator has to provide publicly available access to the link data speed and availability statistics and has to agree to publish a joint press release at the end of tests. The link has to be installed in a convenient accessible place, where any third-party guests from other companies or press can come to see the link in operation. The operator also has to use link in a network segment with heavy real traffic to collect statistics.

Recently, 70/80 GHz PPC-10G-E-HP model has received an upgrade that boosts its transmitter output power at higher modulation schemes. Please refer to on-line link budget calculator. In QAM 128 mode, the transmitter power (Tx power) is now up to +20,2 dBm for the best radio links and 19,2 dBm typical. At low modulation mode BPSK/QPSK this is 26,5 dBm for the best and 25,5 dBm for the typical.

At ELVA-1, we believe that PPC-10G-E-HP radio links are clearly the best solution for building wireless backbones with high availability in inclement weather conditions. Examples of such applications are urban-scale backbone networks, Safe City, 4K UHD TV traffic or 10-gigabit communication lines between objects separated by extended obstacles (inaccessible property, natural obstacles, etc.). 

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sergbeFree Test of PPC-10G-E-HP for 20 km World Record Distance

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