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PPC-10G-E Radio Installed at 15 km Trace in Arctic region

Arctic version of PPC-10G-E E-band radio was installed for connection between two network segments on record hop of 15 km (9.3 mi)  

PPC-10G-E Radio installed at 15 km Trace over nearby floodplain of the localriver. For the installation of 10 Gbps wireless channel between two segments of yhe network, we shipped Arctic version of PPC-10G-E radio to customer. The installation process has been done by customer’s engineers according to radio manual and remote support. At customer place, the network segments were divided by large river floodplain, which caused the difficulty for fiber laying. One more factor to use the radio against fiber digging was extremely cold climate of the place, with temperatures down to -40°C (-40F) or even worst for most of the year.

Customer’s Deputy Chief Engineer said about the operation of the PPC-10G equipment: “We decided to use this 10GE radio to provide the company’s employee camp residing in the shift housing complex with IPTV (more than 100 TV channels) and high-speed Internet access. The length of the hop is about 15 km. Currently, we have assembled and launched this radio, and also established communication at speed of 10 Gbps on such long distance”.

According to ELVA documentation, the Arctic version of PPC-10G-E radiolink is designed to provide 10 Gigabit Ethernet connection at E-band of millimeter wave spectrum. The equipment has built-in automatic heating module and is intended for northern regions like Alaska, Northern Europe, Iceland and Greenland where frozen ground causes difficulty for fiber digging. The cold climate with mostly snow and very rare rains (if ever happen) allows to extend the link distance for reliable 10GE connection up to 15-16 km (up to 10 miles).


sergbePPC-10G-E Radio Installed at 15 km Trace in Arctic region

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