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User Manual for Link Budget Calculator

We added detailed user manual for ELVA-1 online Link Budget Calculator. The manual can be read on the calculator website or get from Documentation section of ELVA-1 website.

Link Budget Calculator is free to use and it allows ELVA-1 customers to determine the availability of radio channel for any terrain in any country, based on the length of the path, the height of the suspension and the technical specs of radio link.

Calculation can be carried out for all models of radios manufactured by ELVA-1 in unlicensed band of 71–76/81–86 GHz (E-band) and licensed bands of 40.5–43.5 GHz (Q-band) and 37-40 GHz (Ka-band).

To estimate the link budget, select link model and rain zone, enter distance and press “Calculate” button to get the numbers of estimated availability and other parameters. To understand all data in the results table, see section “How to understand the results of link budget calculation” in the calculator manual.

User Manual for Link budget Calculator (download as PDF).

April 2020 Updates for Link Budget Calculator:

  • Users can download their calculations as PDF file,
  • ELVA-1 radios data files for Passloss 5 software available for download from Calculator page.
sergbeUser Manual for Link Budget Calculator

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