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E-band / W-band Signal Generator for Development and Testing of 5G Equipment

ELVA-1 is a well-known manufacturer of millimeter wave test equipment for frequencies from 39 to 400 GHz. New portable signal generator SYN-E(W)X/X series is intended for lab and field work with E-band or W-band wireless equipment within 5G mobile backbones.

The progress of 5G wireless depends on the use of millimeter wave (mm-wave) bands to deliver larger gigabit capacities. These higher-frequency mm-wave bands have dozens GHz of spectrum available to generate gigabit connectivity and accommodate 5G services. Currently V-band (57-71 GHz) and E-band (71-76/81-86 GHz) offer an affordable, accessible alternative to fiber.

The E-band and V-band play key roles in the industrial internet of things (IIoT), especially with Smart City/Safe City, video and audio surveillance, and many industrial applications. All new and projected IIoT applications will depend on 5G networking, which in turn depends on mobile backbone channels.

Networks using V-band and E-band bands offer high capacity over various ranges, typically up to 0.5 to 3 miles. Some advanced mm-wave links like ELVA-1 71-76 / 81-86 GHz range (E-band) PPC-10G-HP series could provide 10/20 Gbps connectivity up to 10 miles.

The need for 5G services is just as acute for municipal and business customers in a small town as it is in a big city. To meet this demand, mm-wave links now is deploying extensively in urban environments and even in rural communities as well.

E-band signal generator for 5G equipment

Consider E-band role to meet 5G requirements, SYN-E(W)/X/X series generator can be used in lab or field environment to support test and development procedures of various millimeter wave equipment within 5G networks.

The availability of power supply both from the mains and from a mobile source, such as a car battery, allows this generator to be used for a wide range of laboratory, scientific and industrial applications.

Download SYN-E(W)/X/X signal generator datasheet for more information.

sergbeE-band / W-band Signal Generator for Development and Testing of 5G Equipment

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