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MobiBridge V-band 10GE Radio for Transportation Market

ELVA-1 announced the world’s first 10 Gigabit MobiBridge 10G solution for the transportation market.

Complementary to mm-wave 5G networks, MobiBridge 10G is specifically designed as a highly adaptable solution for different scenarios. Applications include high-speed inter-carriage communications and data offloading from trains, passenger ships’ broadband Internet connection at berths, and public transport applications.

For railways operators, ELVA-1 MobiBridge 10G provides the ability to dynamically create an end-to-end 10 gigabit network across the train. This is convenient for carriage re-composition, changing the number of carriages on the train, depending on the route demand or seasonal load.

With an electronically scanned antenna and auto-setup, the MobiBridge 10G supports dynamic carriage replacement by re-building a train network as soon as the carriage gets into antenna range.

Read more and download datasheet at MobiBridge product page.

sergbeMobiBridge V-band 10GE Radio for Transportation Market

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